Baptism is celebrated once a month during weekend Masses and may be scheduled by contacting Judy at the parish office, 262-594-5200.  A preparation session is required for parents, unless a prior preparation class was held within the past five years.  



Marriage preparation requires the priest be notified at least 6 months prior to the anticipated wedding date.  At least one of the parties must be a registered practicing Catholic member of our Parish.


Adult Confirmation

If you were baptized and made your First Communion, but never were confirmed for whatever reason, we would love to have you experience this final sacrament of adult initiation.  To find out what’s involved, please call the parish office.


Want to Become a Catholic?

Perhaps you've wondered if you should become a Catholic. Many others, drawn by a search for truth and meaning in their lives have asked themselves that same question. R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Education of Adults) is the process by which interested non-Catholic adults become members of the Christian community of the Catholic Church. Children over the age of seven participate in the R.C.I.A. process adapted for their age. Those interested in learning more about the Catholic Church should contact the parish office.