Family Promise

February 16, 2024

Family Promise Winter Shelter Closed
Indefinitely & Unexpectantly


Nothin’ but the facts:

  1. Another big change is upon us. (Long time volunteers are used to it! ????)
  2. The shelter was closed on 02/16/2024 with VERY short notice.
  3. Cause: Building owners, Housing Action Coalition of Waukesha County, lost funding. 
  4. FP is financially stable and will continue its mission!   Just not at this facility.
  5. Flexibility is paramount!  Volunteers are still needed but it's unknown when or in what capacity we'll be ask to serve.  Gumby continues to be our mascot!
  6. We're in it for the long run.  Please continue to read our emails or give us a call. Linda & I promise to keep everyone in the loop. Thank you.

The secret to Gumby's longevity?


Remember Gumby?  If not, he was the first Claymation character and made his TV debut on the Howdy Doody Show in 1953.  He later became the star of his own show totaling 234 episodes.  He also made a movie!  With wisdom forged by constant change, Mary Markham adopted Gumby as our (St.T / St.J / FP) mascot in the early days of FP. Gumby remains our mascot yet today, although we are now the St.T / Eagle Area / FP group.

Contact us: We LOVE speaking with Angels!

Linda: 262-495-4999 -
Mike: 262-594-2628 -


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