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hours of your time will lift


families out of homelessness


June Host Day is Wednesday, June 14th.
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A New and Exciting Direction

Overview: In addition to food prep, there will also be face-to-face volunteer opportunities in a very nice facility located at 1210 Sentry Dr. in Waukesha.  In this facility we will be hosting up to 5 families with no more than 5 individuals per family.  St. Theresa Parish is responsible for providing meals and a minimum of 4 onsite volunteers from 4:30 to 8:00, every 2nd Wednesday from May through October.

Scheduling will be on SignUp Genius.  There will be a separate SignUp for each month.  Consequently, no long-term commitment is necessary.

Our St. Theresa Parish Commitment:

  • Dinner meal served at 5:30 for a between 10 and 30 individuals, many of whom are expected to be young children.
    • Main dish, side, dessert and/or fruit (no beverage).
    • Meals to be delivered to 1210 Sentry Dr., Waukesha, or made on site in commercial kitchen (chef’s call).
    • It's likely meal transport will be available for those unwilling to deliver.
  • Face-to-Face Volunteers (minimum 4 per month):
    • Four hospitality volunteers from 5 to 8 pm who will also dine with guests.
    • No overnight volunteers needed!!!

Training & Background Check Requirements:

  • Offsite chefs: None
  • On site chefs and face-to-face volunteers:
    • New background check (contact Mike or Linda for consent form)
    • New online training (Easy-Peasy, 90 min. estimate. Contact Mike or Linda for details.)
    • Site walk thru at 1210 Sentry Dr., Waukesha (60 min. est.)


To join this fulfilling ministry please contact the parish office or either
Linda: 262-495-4999 - [email protected]
Mike: 262-594-2628 - [email protected]


Please click on the link below for more information about this wonderful organization!