K-11 Class Information

Faith Formation

At St. James and St. Theresa, we are in the midst of an exciting time as we embrace a collaborative approach to Faith Formation for our parish families.  The Faith Formation Department will be led by two shared coordinators serving both St. James and St. Theresa.  One will lead grades K-6 to grow closer to Christ, while the other will lead grades 7-11 to seek a deeper experience of faith through Christ and His church.  Appealing features of this collaboration are shared curriculum across parishes and expanded options for class times and locations. 

We understand the busy-ness of life and hope that this new format will offer increased flexibility for you and your children.   Families from either parish may select classes at St. James or St. Theresa, enabling you to find the best fit for your schedule.  Additionally, combining resources will unify the Faith Formation program across our parishes and allow us to incorporate updated curriculum and practices.

Children in grades K-6 will have the option of classes at St. Theresa (Eagle) on Sunday mornings following Mass or at St. James (Mukwonago) on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoons or evenings.  Students in grades 7-8 can choose the St. Theresa Sunday morning option, the St. James Sunday evening option, or Wednesday afternoons for those whose schools release early on Wednesday.  Due to the construction at St. Theresa causing limited classroom space and to a need for increased collaboration, all students in grades 9-11 will meet together at St. James on Sunday evenings.  After completion of the fellowship hall in Eagle, meeting venues could be interchanged with the new building there.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, we pray that our youth will grow closer to Christ as the St. Theresa and St. James parishes also grow in faith through our shared mission of raising our children to live lives of discipleship.

Join in the excitement that change can bring!  We look to you, our parishioners, for prayers and support as we work to build up the bonds between our two parish communities.  We honor the individual identity and character of each parish, while celebrating the sense of renewal that comes from sharing our ideas, resources, and strengths.