Catholic Stewardship Appeal

The Annual Catholic Stewardship Appeal for 2019 kicks off on February 2-3, 2019.

The Catholic Stewardship Appeal, the annual fundraising campaign of the ten-county Archdiocese of Milwaukee, supports Catholic life throughout southeastern Wisconsin. The Appeal provides Catholics opportunities to support a wide range of ministries and programs that benefit more than 500,000 people each year. As Disciples of Christ, and in communion with Him, we respond to the call of helping our brothers and sisters in His name. There is no better, more convenient way to participate in making lives better than through the Appeal.

Every year the Archdiocese gives each parish a fundraising goal for the Appeal. St. Theresa Parish was given a goal of $17,000 and $17,550 was raised!  Heartfelt thanks are extended to the 87 households that responded to this need and achieved our goal! Overall, the Archdiocese had hoped to raise $7.7 million, but the actual donations of $8.1 million exceeded that goal.

The theme this year, AMAZING GRACE, reminds us to be grateful for how the wonder of God’s infinite grace affects and changes our lives and us. These graces help deepen our faith, make us a more loving, caring people and, most importantly, better servants to our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ’s name.

Please consider supporting this drive when you receive this year’s mailing. Contributions are used solely for the restricted purposes of the 2019 Catholic Stewardship Appeal and for no other purposes.